What Business Should I Start?
go from idea to income
 in 7 easy steps

Business Ideas To Start

What business should I start?

Good question!

I am so glad you asked because actually, there is an easy way to work out the answer to that question and take a clear path to your destination.

From thinking about it sitting on your Sofa to Startup with your first product or service.

From idea to income in 7 easy steps

Is this course for you?

This is for the really early stages of your self employment journey and you could be at the "completely no idea stage"

  • You might be in a job but want something on the side
  • You might be in a job and want to get the hell out of there
  • You might be or going to be made redundant
  • You might be retired and bored to tears or needing a pension boost
  • You might be an expat looking for extra income

Whatever category you feel you fall in you definitely know you want to start something and make a difference in the world as well as making an income.

You might even have started a bit of a business already and are still working in the day job to pay your bills yet you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with it all and thinking about giving it up. (Please don't)

You could also be at a stage where you would love confirmation you are thinking along the right lines before you head too far down the road in terms of time, money and commitment.

Great, then I can definitely help you help yourself and offer you a  road map so you can help yourself create your perfect business idea at whatever early stage you are at.

You will learn to pick the perfect product or service, the perfect customer and build it using the gifts, interests and skills you already possess and around the lifestyle you want to have

Using this incredibly simple formula, you can organise your thoughts, your life and yourself in a cohesive way and your product or service will serve your perfect audience in the way you want to.

A clear path with just 7 steps to move you from sitting on your sofa procrastinating to creating perfect small business ideas, on your own terms, in just about any industry and any age or stage of your life

You really don't need to be stressing and lying awake at night wondering "what business should I start?" because it's all here.

Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement in the right direction to create an incredible life that you’ve designed yourself.

While some career coaches believe in the way of the webinar or lengthy phone calls and courses going on for a 3 month commitment, I’m here to help you successfully tailor your business idea around YOU at your OWN pace, so you can help yourself

That’s why I am sharing the 7 Step Idea to Income Formula e-Course, to enable people to create a business alongside full-time jobs, family life and all those other commitments in our lives that leave us busier than ever.

Because nothing gets those creative juices flowing quite like taking your time and thinking things through in a way that suits you.

And if you are wondering,

Why bother to take the e-Course?

This is why, it will help you if

  • you are frustrated by your lack of progress towards any kind of idea
  • you want to know how to monetise some or all of your gifts, interests and skills
  • you are lacking a clear plan of action to move forward
  • you are confused about how to get started with step 1
  • you think it is really difficult to get a business off the ground

And to help you decide if this is right for you, some other people who also were asking that very same question  of themselves, "what business should I start " came to these very positive conclusions after their training...

"thank you for pointing some things out that were right under my nose"

"you were right, a tweak here and there was all I needed to move my idea forward"

"wow, you really think about things differently don't you? I needed that today"

"You made me think of things I hadn't even considered, thank you so much"

"You really understand what it is I am thinking & feeling around my business idea"

"you have saved me from wasting so much time going in the wrong direction!"

"This is such an easy way to look at forming a business idea"

"I thought I had it nailed but you completely altered my thinking with that one little conversation stopper. I would never have come up with that idea myself and it is such a better one!"

"Thankyou Jackie for helping me get back on with my business idea, I had left it for ages but you nudged me into feeling I could do it!"

"What business should I start? Know I know thanks to you"

"your content is excellent and mind-expanding"

"One concept you present that really helped me was to structure a
business around WHO I AM, the kind of person I am. I think sometimes there is too much emphasis on all the hard work required to start a business and not enough about the concept"

By the end of the course, you will easily be able to answer the question what business should I start?

You will...

  • Go from sitting on your sofa dreaming to starting up with a solid idea and know where you are going with it
  • Have a clear understanding of what you want from life and of what business best suits your lifestyle and why
  • Have uncovered the only five places you need to look for business ideas and, most importantly, the five forms your income can take
  • Learn how to work through the procrastination and worry that stops you making ideas a reality
  • Learn how to overcome the bumps in the road to building a successful business
  • Know where to find your customers
  • Learn how to spot the ideas that have been staring you right in the face that could become your business
  • Have designed a business that works in your world

Ultimately, you’ll have uncovered the magic formula to create as many business ideas as you like at the drop of a hat.

Instead of thinking what business should I start, you will asking yourself, what other business idea could be next?

There are so many self employment courses out there but I pride myself on having built mine upon a ‘been there, done that’ approach.

Having thought up upwards of ten businesses over the years, I’ve come to understand how the best business ideas are formed from nothing but...

a thorough understanding of yourself and your strengths, your gifts and interests then blending it all into the life you actually want to live then matching it with a problem you want to solve

Asking "what business should I start"  will be a thing of the past. I’ve spent years getting trying to get it right myself, so  I can now share everything I know with you and help you shortcut the difficult bits.

My Idea to Income Formula is also for you if

• You don’t have a business idea yet at all (you’ll work out the one that fits like a glove)

• You have no idea how to make money from your business or who you are creating products or services for (you’ll work out who your clients are and where to find them)

• You procrastinate a lot because you don’t know where on earth to start

• You’ve read lots of books on self-employment, but none explained how to properly come up with initial idea stage

• Those business seminars you’ve attended are all accounting and tax returns, and less about finding the idea in the first place

• You’re feeling phased by the fact that all those podcast guests seem to have left well-paid corporate jobs to set up on their own, and you’re in a ‘normal’ job on a 'normal' salary

• You’re experiencing information overload and just need someone to tell you where to take the first few steps

small business ideas notebook

Put simply, if you want to create business ideas that mean you never have to work for anyone else, I’m here to help with a course that you can do alongside your day job – until you find a business idea so good that you can give it up if you want to.

You don’t need hundreds or thousands of pounds in the bank to start something wonderful; the e-course costs just £27.00 and will give you the key steps you need to know to begin your business on a budget to suit you.

You can do it around your family and work commitments; I’ve poured years of my own experience into these seven short steps and you can do at a time and pace to suit you.

You don’t need to spend every hour of your day fitting endless courses around work anymore; or having to be present on a coaching call, this course will save you time and money heading down blind alleys and lead you to great ideas instead.

It will finally answer your question about "what business should I start?"

Think of this small business ideas e-Course as your roadmap to success, with all the potholes taken out and filled with opportunities to build a great future from scratch, starting with that crucial first step to your very own business either full or part time

Here’s what’s included: 

* New, free access to step 1

Seven simple but detailed steps in 7 downloadable PDF workbooks so you can print off and work on each one in your own time, or use your own notebook and work from the course as you go.

Entirely up to you, you know how you work best. 

Step 1: Why the pieces of your jigsaw will never fit unless you create a really clear vision of what you really want

Step 2: How to seek out what you already and how to use it save time and money and fill in your jigsaw faster. You will learn to evaluate your life experiences and transferable skills

Step 3: How to use this Unique Business Idea Formula to come up with business idea(s) for any industry. Learn who you want to serve

Step 4: Find your marketplace and discover who wants what you have to offer. You will learn how to join all of the dots together.

Step 5: Confirm your market and move forward to develop your idea

Step 6: Learn to navigate the roadblocks and obstacles that come with creating a business idea, from the people and the money to overcoming any lack of skills.

Step 7: Find your cheerleaders; the people who will help you move forward to build a successful business.


Plus 6 bonus downloadable workbooks

Workbook 1: 111 questions to ask yourself when it comes to seeking what you already have and finishing your jigsaw faster (companion workbook with Step 2)

Workbook 2: Case studies to illustrate how to put what you have learnt in Step 3 into practice

Workbook 3: Ways to combat procrastination mini course to help you finally get started

Workbook 4: How to crush self doubt & be more confident so you can believe in yourself and finally realise your dream.

Workbook 5: Gratitude planner & journal 

Workbook 6: Find your passion journal

Personal Discussion Forum & Free Email Coaching

Feeling a bit stuck?  Want some clarification?  Got a burning question? 

As you progress through your course, at each module there is an option in the discussion area to start a new post and send me a question about the module and I can reply back to you with an answer so you never have to feel alone or stuck.

I am with you every step of the way, so please make full use of the discussion board and ask whatever you need to regarding this course.

I will of course respond to you promptly but do bear in mind there may be a time difference depending on where you are in the world.

I want you to be successful in your business either full or part-time and I want you to get your idea right at the first attempt, so, consider it free, additional personal email coaching for now

I won't keep it free forever, but you can benefit now while it is.

Ready to get started and find your unique answer to your question "what business should I start?"

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Here’s to you finding your perfect answer to the what business should start I question today

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