The Bold Bakery

The Bold Bakery Nobody Loves You

The Bold Bakery is one of those unique business ideas  I always smile about when I see yet another idea I wished I had thought of or, I think is simple but clever.

Sarah Brockett a lady who hails from Michigan in the USA has come up with an interesting baking idea for anyone who likes to be different and to be honest I am not sure if this is a real bakery or not but the idea is excellent.

It says on her graphic design resume

Though it’s branding may make it appear cute and friendly, the Bold Bakery is not where you want to purchase Grandma’s birthday cake from.

It is, however, the perfect place to have a pie created for your cheating husband, or your bratty pre-teen daughter.

This establishment simply oozes with sarcasm and sass.

Don’t have anyone on your “shit list”? 

That’s okay. Plenty of our customers partake in “cake wars”, where they gift their friends with raunchy baked goods for no reason at all


Excuse my french and apologies if you are offended by language but I want to call this the Fuck You Bakery as it seems such a great name.

Sarah has wisely called it The Bold Bakery.

She has manged to combine her passion for baking and typography in a new way and her friends loved it. I think she just baked for them but as I say, I am not sure.

They are also vegan bakes which is very much on trend.

I think her photographs make it obvious about what she does and I think it is genius on her part.

I mean who hasn’t thought about sending a cake to an ex with a rude message or has a "friend"  you would love to send cupcakes too spelling out exactly what is on your mind

I bet you know one or two out there who would 

love to purchase a cheesecake boldly stating Liar in luscious buttercream and sending it to their cheating partner at the office on a Monday morning


That would get the team talking about the weekend wouldn’t it and not just about the football!

She doesn’t just do horrible icing, not everyone has a shit list as she puts it so she also creates a few raunchy baked goods as well for people who want something just a little different.

Sarah’s thoughts are she states,

Quote Mark White

 Sometimes crude humour and chocolate cake are all you need to get by in life


I have included some of her most popular bakery photograpys.

I imagine they go down well being sent to cheating partners.

So many people, so few cookies!

I give you the bold bakery... :)

I hope you are not offended though, about this story.

That would be a real shame

I just wanted to illustrate about how to think differently and laterally around your business idea.

You don't have to be boring and just do cupcakes, you can put a unique slant on your idea.

It could be much more popular than you brave!