Starting a baking business online


Starting a baking business online should be fun.

You love your craft, you adore creating sweet treats for friends, family, colleagues at work and basically anyone who will say yes to you waving a muffin or a piece of chocolate cake in their face.

You dream about sugar and chocolate and sheet pans and oven temperatures.

You live for baking books and TV shows, competitions and 99 different ways to ice a cup cake.

You don't want to go to the office, you want to don your perfect pinny, wave your rolling pin in the air like a fairy wand and 'poof, as if by magic' create dollops of deliciousness and have the scent of vanilla all around you like a cloud of french perfume.

You are desperate to be starting a baking business online.

I know, I get it, how do you start amongst all of the other people doing the same thing, and with the committments in your life you can't seem to shoe horn your idea into your life.

Well, its 2 things, committment and action and here are a couple of people who, like every other business on the planet started with one cake and built it from there.

Starting a baking business online - Success Story 1


Well if you are, you might want to head over to Lorelie Carvey and her website and offline business called Wedding Cakes For You. Based in New England in the USA, Lorelie had my head spinning with her busy life.

She is also a part time belly dancing and fitness instructor as well has running her off line cake business for brides and lessons for would be cake decorators and selling her own product.

She is a 30 year veteran in the field of baking, and she has distilled her knowledge and success secrets into 2 ebooks with her best recipes, and exact steps to making, baking, constructing and transporting wedding cakes and recently she has added a video series of tutorials to go with the books. 

A complete package for DIY Cake makers or professionals and she has a very successful YouTube channel you can learn from as well.

If you are interested in a business that touches your creative soul and inspires you to build something beautiful and lucrative then Lorelie and her website content will have you glued to your computer screen for hours, it did me.

Great inspiration if you want to start your own wedding cake business.

Here is the interview we did together...

Starting a baking business online - Success Story 2

Case Study Make Fabulous Cakes

Well, if they do and you have a passion for all thinks baking then let me introduce you to Darlene Arbarquez from Canada who started out making cakes as something to do while waiting for the birth of her child.

Her first effort was  a birthday cake for her brother.

Now several years on she has a great website with a YouTube channel teaching others how to create as she would say fabalicious creations!

She shares cake decorating ideas and offers you some terrific recipes, I am definately going to do her Ultimate Chocolate Cake and her chocolate cake in a mug looks to die for.

Her cake decorating tips look wonderful. I was particularly taken by her designer handbag cake tutorial and I never knew you could do so much with buttercream!

She has also created a paid for class that brings her passive income.

I am inspired so I am sure you will be about this the heading of small business ideas.

Here is the interview we did together...

All this talent from a lady who first started making cakes out of a box and icing from a tin

If you are interested how ...

these 2 very talented individuals got into starting a baking business online they both, like myself began their journey using the best website builder for business  in the world that blows away the competition and you can see the amazing results of how they did it all themselves with their business websites.

A couple more items for you...


Best book to read...

In my opinion Michelle Green from the UK has written a superb book with a number of 5 Star Reviews about how to going about starting a baking business online, and as she says

"The book that inspires, motivates and educates bakers and decorators to achieve sweet business succes"

From what I can tell, she appears now to be doing other things rather than being in the kitchen but you can still

If you search the internet you can find her on other people's podcast episodes so there is plenty still to be going on with to help you and your business.

And for my final nod about starting a baking business online here is...

A tale of two bakers

This true story, witnessed by me, shows how fear can alter your course.

In the past, I often met people in the workplace who were harbouring secret thoughts about leaving work and branching on their own, or so they tell me.

Secret, as in they never tell anyone about their ambitions or dreams.

Passing in corridors or riding the lifts, we catch quick conversations or stand huddled around the water machine, me listening, them talking or ranting depending on how they are feeling on the day

They lie awake at night, they tell me, speaking in a hushed voice, thinking about how much they hate their day job then they daydream during particularly arduous weeks about leaving their jobs, launching a new career working for themselves, making it big and living a life of their dreams.

They commute along the highway of hell each morning promising themselves they will do something about their circumstances and change their life.

And then they allow their own reality to creep in, fear real or imagined takes hold and ruins all their good intentions!

This makes me sad, such enormous hidden potential travelling along the commuter belt, then chained to desks and smothered under personal and corporate responsibility

But we all must make our own choices in life.

My experience is, and has been no matter how much you tell someone how good they are, or how fantastic you think their idea is, you can only lead the horse to water, not make him drink it

A lot of people talk but take no action at all towards their work heaven.

Most people seem to want to simmer in their work hell because frankly, it is easier but as we all know and understand...

Quote Mark White

Actions speak louder than words

I did my best to encourage, cajole, even a tiny bit of "coaching" but to no avail and the world is left bereft of a talented person who has left their light under a bushel, but there is a happy ending, read the story here

As I have mentioned in the past, my coach/mentor Valerie Young always said, and it is in her best selling book about The Impostor Syndrome somewhere

Quote Mark White

Everyone loses when bright people play small

And finally...

A bit of fun really, which is loosely linked to starting a baking business online.

Graphic designer Sarah Brockett in the USA had a great idea to bake but with a twist.

She combined her love of baking with her graphic design skills and came up with The Bold Bakery.

You will understand from the things she has come up with why it is considered bold.

I am not sure if she is an actually bakery, or if she still bakes but her genius twist is a great example of how to think laterally about a topic.

Combine, one thing with another and you can come up with something very unique to you.

Something I teach in Step 3 of the  Idea to Income eCourse 

What unique baking business idea will you come up with?