Ready to commit to being a writer in 2023

It is coming towards the end of 2022 and for my New Years resolution I have decided I am going to pursue my dream of being a writer.

I have a day job and would love to start at evenings and weekends and then turn my writing into a full time living, but I don't know where to start first.

Have you got any tips about what to do first or where to go to begin?

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A couple of thoughts
by: Jackie

Indeed I do,

And congratulations on actually making the decision.

Full-time writing will take time, but it can be done if you learn your craft well, and learn how to market yourself very well.

Writing is something I enjoy but you really have to make the time for it so I would suggest

Decide what you want to write about in the first instance if you haven't yet.

  • Novels take talent, skill, and marketing
  • Copywriting takes talent, skill, and marketing

Put time aside each day, no matter how little it seems, and concentrate solely on writing.

It is important to make it a habit so you need to make sure you set yourself up to win.

What do I mean, well, if you want to get up early to write and have to scratch around looking for a pen and paper or dig out your laptop, you might just go back to bed

On the other hand, if you set everything up including your early morning brew so it is all ready to go then you have a good chance of keeping things going.

I highly recommend a book called ATOMIC HABITS if you want to organise yourself well.

Half an hour here and there of writing soon adds up over time, and before you know it you will have completed something.

During this time set aside, it could be spent doing the physical act of writing, researching your topic, or reading or listening to others about the act of writing.

There are so many people who are doing well at it now and I have some suggestions for you to investigate.

My go-to all the time is a lady called Joanna Penn at her website called The Creative Penn

She talks about everything writing and publishing and has a really useful bible you can download for your early stages of writing.

A useful website for writing practice is called

To write a book, SCRIVENER is a very useful tool and highly recommended by professional and hobby writers alike.

Whatever you are writing about, I wish you luck, the world needs more writers and fewer fighters don't you think? :)

Head to the experts for more information, there is so much to find.

It is a competitive industry but like with most things, he or she who keeps at it can eventually do well.

A lot of people just give up if success is not forthcoming immediately.

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