Online Business Niche Ideas

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Online business niche Ideas on this page are going to serve you as a place to come and find some interesting business ideas of people who have already undertaken the journey you want to embark on.

They have been through the 10 plus steps I shared with you about being your own boss in the...

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and asked themselves the

11 very important questions

before embarking on their very exciting journey to becoming self employed, their own boss, small business owner, independent trader or whatever you would want to call it yourself.

Online business niche ideas

I thought I would start with the business of starting a baking online.

Craft business ideas are top of the agenda for many people around the world.

It is not often I come across people who want to start up the next Apple or Google.

If that is the case then my little selection of online business niche ideas won't be for you.

Over the course of these shared stories, I want to share the efforts of people who are just like you...

  • in a job and you want to leave, to do something on your own either full time or part time?
  • like your job but would like to do perhaps only do it part time?
  • retired and either bored or you want to supplement your income without having to get an actual retirement job
  • have a bunch of other reasons to start like wanting to be a digital nomad or you have to stay home and care for someone


Starting an online baking business


I am starting with a popular choice of business that many people start on evenings and weekends, because it is easy to begin, and you can build slowly to make sure you really love doing it and it is not just a passing fad.

Click here to learn about a

  • couple of successful baking business interviews I did
  • plus a story of making choices and the consequence either way
  • an idea that is baking related but not necessarily what you might think is conventional.