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Looking for new business ideas help?

Got a simple question you just want an answer to without having to commit your right arm to a coaching course or a membership subscription?

Just ask!

Your questions answered here about all of the 

  • Who
  • Why
  • Where
  • When
  • How 
  • What...

... around your business idea, because I absolutely know what it is like to be where you are now.

Masses of information swirling around your mind day and night and you are giddy with excitement about the prospect of what is to come.

You are sooo excited about all of your new business ideas, you are on fire with your motivation, you are working on and in your idea every day but then you come to a screeching halt because somewhere in the process, there is a piece of information you need but you just can't find the answer and easily.

You are spending hours trawling the internet and no one wants to "give up" the information without selling you a book or a coaching package or asking for payment in some form.

I don't want to do that here,  I want to be able to offer you a forum where it is a help and be helped mentality so you can just ask that question without feeling you need to belong to something with a bunch of strangers.

You just want to know x, y or z because it is only x, y or z missing from your jigsaw!

No one really covers the really early days, the baby step bits or the research phase much.

It seems to be all about the marketing or the finance or the sexy bits of business, and if you are here, following this site, then you are not ready to be there yet.

I want to help you with the nuts and bolts of your early stages.

If you have gone through the Idea to Income Formula you will already be very familiar with the  who, why, where, when, how and what of creating your perfect business idea.

And it will answer all of your early business idea stage questions, and it's only a small investment.

I really want to help people get going easily and quickly, especially in the currently economic climate, so it is priced accordingly.

But if you haven't ventured there yet then here are some

New business ideas topics you might be wondering about?

Creating your big picture

Questions around how to seek out what you already and how to use it save time and money and fill in your jigsaw faster.

Finding your marketplace and discover who wants what you have to offer

Confirming your marketplace and moving forward to develop your idea

Getting around those pesky roadblocks and obstacles that come with creating a business idea. Anything from the people and the money to overcoming your lack of skills.

Perhaps you are wondering about the people who will help you move forward to help build your successful business?

Or you might have a question even if you don’t have a business idea yet!

You have no idea how to actually make money from your business idea or who you are creating products or services for

You procrastinate because you don’t know where on earth to start

You’ve read lots of books on the whole starting a business/self-employment arena but none explained how to properly come up with initial idea stage

Those business seminars you’ve attended are all accounting and tax returns, and less about finding the idea in the first place.

And by the way, I am not going to answer questions about tax, marketing, or anything to do with the latter stages of your business.

You are here for and I specialise in the baby steps. You are not ready for anything beyond that right now, or if you are, you are on the wrong website

You’re feeling phased by the fact that all those podcast guests seem to have left well-paid corporate jobs to set up on their own, and you’re in a ‘normal’ job

You’re experiencing information overload and just need someone to help you where to begin

I would also like to offer you a chance to help others

In the spirit of help and be helped, if you feel you can answer a question for someone then please...pitch in!

I don't claim to know everything in life about everything.

If you are in the early stages of business.. BUT.. you are just a little further along and can answer a question someone might have... then please do.

Your experience of coming up with an idea, or finding a market place or dealing with obstacles might be just what people are looking for.

And if you have a business website or social media profiles you are welcome to share it here in your post and I will make it a clickable link.

I think as fellow business owners it is good to help others who are just starting, don't you?

So ask away!

Quote White Faded

Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life

Shannon L. Alder

To use the forum, start with your headline and then follow the instructions as you go.

If you would like to keep track of your answer and any other answers to your question, please make sure you leave your email address.

It will only be used for the forum, nothing else.... I promise..!

New Business Ideas Q & A Forum

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