How to get over procrastination? It is killing my dreams

I am a terrible procrastinator, I put my hands up to it and I own it.

But I am not sure how to get over it.

I have days, weeks, and even months of excitement then I stop.

Any tips on how to get better at doing and keeping at it.

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my thoughts on procrastination
by: Jackie

I appreciate that this is a big topic and I have seen it is quite a problem for a lot of people.

I am glad you asked the question because it is a really important one and I know others are thinking about it but are not as confident to ask about it or admit to it, as there is potential here to feel like a failure.

I have recently written a page about this on the site...and trust me, no one is a failure here, it is a natural state, but the key to success is to be aware of your tendency and actively get a grip on it, instead of just going to it as a default mode.

You can conquer it but you have to put in some work and lay down some strategies to help you move forward.

If you don't you will be forever in the loop of the "the body is willing, but the mind is weak"

So I urge you to read:

How to get over procrastination

And secondly, if you sign up for the newsletter I have included a really useful PDF workbook for you to download about this very topic.

Ways To Combat Procrastination

topics include:

  • Understanding procrastination
  • The 6 causes of procrastination
  • 9 Ways to overcome it
  • 4 Ways to practice consistency
  • 5 Time management strategies

You can download it when you confirm your email address.

This workbook is also in the e-course because I feel strongly that Procrastination is something that will rear its ugly head as you begin to make changes and transitions toward your brilliant business idea, and I wanted you to have some information to turn to for guidance rather than you stop dead in your tracks.

I hope this information helps you to get going.

Keep me posted about how you are getting on.

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