Going into business for yourself?
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going into business for yourself

Going into business for yourself? 

Something you are thinking about seriously now because of any number of the reasons I outlined on my home page?

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You can read about my experience of this here. 

I have most definitely been where you are now in this going into business for yourself research phase, and I know how confusing it can all get.

Which is why I so want to share information I found extremely useful at the beginning of my path to self employment and hopefully, cut out a lot of the noise for you.

I am talking about right from the 

going into business for yourself initial idea phase right up to coming up with that first product or service

There is so much to get to grips with, and we all get pulled into a rabbit hole in the very early days and so begins the confusion, which can in turn, halt your progress and I would like to help you avoid some of that.

So I promise to only share proper solid, usable, up to date content with you and not rehash all the guff I see out there on the internet.

Information dedicated to getting you from thinking about it on the sofa to taking some action to actively get a brilliant business idea and take some baby steps to get it going.

No distractions here with marketing or social media or the next shiny object for you to go off in the wrong direction with.

You don't need any of that to distract you from your goal of creating your perfect business idea that fits you like a glove.

Going into business for yourself should be fun

And not stressful right at the beginning, because you are vulnerable to just giving up if things are difficult or you are overwhelmed with "stuff".

I want you to just have the facts and no more.

What I would love to share with you is:

Advice from others with even greater business experience

• Useful book reviews and podcast recommendations

• Inspirational case studies by those who began where you are now

• How-to articles designed to develop your business idea

• Priority access to new courses

• and much more…

Having been where you are now, I’m deeply committed to putting you on the right road to the business idea that will change your circumstances and avoid all those unnecessary wrong turns along the way

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I would love to send you a complimentary copy of my

111 Self Coaching Questions PDF Workbook (AKA some useful find your passion type questions)

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and used in section 2 when you begin to get involved in the whole process of...

Identifying your gifts, interests and enjoyable skills

Finding out about yourself, especially when you want to change your entire working life, is a much more complex process than just asking yourself that lame question "what am I good at".

Just because you are good at something doesn't mean you should be doing it.

Going into business for yourself requires you to go a bit deeper and you need to ask yourself the right questions to get the right answers.

Because as Robert Half reminds us

Asking the right questions takes as much skill as giving the right answers

It will help you get closer to that answer about what you want to be in the business of...

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Here is what I won't be doing

No marketing stuff, social media stuff, or trying to sell you a "business bible" you don't need or offering you "the chance of a lifetime to purchase x, y or z" because I hate that intensely, so I guess you will too!

I hate all the ads stuffed into my social media because I looked at something one time and now everyone wants me to have it.

No barrage of emails into your inbox to annoy you.

No spam because I said I will never give your email to anyone else, ever

No hard sell for anything I think I could make a quick buck from.

If I recommend a product or service either in the newsletter or on the site it will be because I use it myself, I know it is good and want to share it with you to be helpful in...

The early days of thinking about going into business for yourself, so you can get off the sofa and take action

I am respectful of your data

I appreciate every man, woman and their dog is asking for your email address these days.

I would just like to reassure you I am only asking for the information I need to whizz out my newsletter to your inbox as soon as it is written.

But if you feel you need more about how your date is used, you are welcome to access the information held on file through this website and change or delete your information at any time plus there is an unsubscribe button in every issue should you wish to.

It goes without saying, I will never, ever give or sell your information to anyone else.