Business ideas in any industry?
A bit about my story & why I know I can help you plan those first crucial steps to the business idea you are looking for

If you are you looking to change your work life and come up with some business ideas in your field or even create something entirely unrelated, full or part time then you have come to the right place.

I offer a road map to help you help yourself create your perfect business idea with the perfect product or service for the perfect audience


passion, profit & personality included as standard

create your perfect business
What business should I start

My name is Jackie Smith, I live in the UK and welcome to my website.

If you don’t mind spending a few minutes with me, I can give you some idea of who I am, what my experiences have been and how I can help you come up with business ideas in any industry if you are searching for one or if you have one already help you refine it to fit you perfectly.

I tried and failed with 10 business attempts in the past, and I will get to them later, but for now let me explain how and why I want to help you design your perfect business around who you are and how you want to live your life because I have learned

there is a simple formula for getting it right first time

If you are searching for a way out of your current work situation because you have had enough years "battling the system" or are seeking a more creative, fulfilling, and meaningful way to spend your working years, on your own terms or even if you are even if retired from a “proper job”

I warmly & sincerely welcome you here.

I know it is very important to you to create a working life that fits you like a glove and has some meaning in the world

Believe me when I say I know!

I absolutely know how it feels to be where you are now

The search for work happiness has caused me a lot of stress and mental pain over the years, and too many to count arguments with people close to me who thought I was "difficult to please" or even "a bit lazy" or perhaps more hurtfully, ”she doesn't really want to have to work" because it was just so not true.

Like many work tortured souls I have been searching my whole adult life for the perfect job but it has never appeared in any newspaper or become available through any recruitment agency

The sad truth was...I eventually realised was...

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The perfect career would never exist in a building where you must start and finish at a time appointed by others, are allowed the privilege of 48 hours of not working each week, affectionately called the weekend and you accept the other luxury of 30 days in the year where you can be absent with the manager's permission, romantically named your holidays

All for the bargain price of a set salary each month!

Nor does it come with a job description, skilfully crafted to cover every eventuality your work master may need you for

If you want freedom in life and work, you must create it yourself

But I also learned...

The happy truth is you can create your own dream work full or part time and I want to show you how to

discover a living that will stir your soul and doesn't suck the life out of you

My rubbish corporate career 

I have been going to work from Monday to Friday for over 35 years and in that time, I have never had a job I ever progressed in because I could never find one to fit me properly.

Like wearing shoes half, a size too small, I always felt just a bit uncomfortable most of the time.

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Apart from 10 years continuous service in the RAF which I loved, over the last 26 plus years I have been in 23 other admin jobs so, on average a new one each year

I also had a Saturday job from age 14 for 4 years so if you count that, I have been at work for over 40 plus years now.

So, the reality is, no one can EVER say I was work shy.

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From the age of 30 after I left the services, I began my nomadic work lifestyle which took me absolutely nowhere up the corporate ladder, in fact it was a race to the bottom of it!

I worked in both the public and private sector, so I understand the different work cultures employees are in.

I have done mostly customer service roles because I am a natural helper and sign poster and enjoy sharing what I know with people.

I have never earned more than about £18k per year and never held any kind of management position, I have always just been one of the worker bees.

I moved from job to job in search of my dream one only to find each time there was eventually, usually something I disliked about it.

The role itself changed, sometimes it was the customers, a member of the team, a manager, an owner, the organisational ethics, the hours, mostly the pay, but always something became an excuse to move on again, in the vain hope the next one would be better.

Each time I changed jobs, it was with the sincerest intent to stay and do well.

Each time I said to myself this was the one I would try harder at or stay longer at but it just wasn't to be.

What I didn't realise was the problem wasn't the job, the problem was me, I needed to get out and do my own thing.

But I didn't know myself well enough, or how to go about organising any business ideas while still holding down a full time job, and I wasn't surrounded by any people who had any other experiences than the one I was having, and at times the workplace could be a bit negative.

And as you well know, negativity is such a soul sapping experience.

I didn't know a single person running any business ideas in anything or any freelancers who did their own thing

I just followed what everyone else did, which was leave school and get a job because I didn't know any other way and continued that way for years.

And as I look back retrospectively being stuck in a 9 - 5 job had a huge impact on my wellbeing and mental health. Perhaps you are noticing the same thing? It is a big red flag!

I put on a brave face during the day, but my poor husband sometimes suffered terribly with my monumental unhappiness during evenings and weekends as I searched continually for an answer and a way out.

I had yet to learn

you could actually design your own job and think outside the standard job box and create business ideas in any industry very easily

After eventually, taking my own future into my hands and doing a lot of work on myself I determined...

I needed some kind of advice and guidance role of some kind but on my own terms and not someone else’s!

I realised, after many years, a lot of mistakes, learning from mentors, doing my own research and upgrading my skills for the modern day digital world, there are other ways to live your life, choose the right work and be happy.

I also learned the root problem why people stay stuck, and it isn't about money at all a lot of the time

The root problem is...

Lack of commitment to change & a willingness to alter your course as you go because it is never a straight path to success

You must decide what you want first, commit your soul to it, then take steps to get there, and be prepared to change things, go in a different direction, or deal with any number of things that will pop up, because they will, even if you think you have prepared perfectly.

Nothing is ever perfect to begin with, but you need to start something at some time and then get better

No one ever starts with a perfectly formed idea right out of the box.

Everyone, without exception starts at base one and then moves forward one step at a time, even the greatest business ideas of all time began at the beginning.


My 10 failed business ideas in brief

Now to add context to what I offer now as a business ideas in any industry advisor, let me talk about my failed business attempts.

Over a number of years, I have attempted while working full time to start 9 online business ideas in such areas as travel, food, finance, relationships and also started 1 offline business ideas in the property industry with my husband, when we went to live abroad.

On reflection, none of them were ever going to work because I went about it all wrong and didn't listen to my own internal dialogue or stand back and look at who I was or how I did things

That start up with him went very badly wrong and nearly destroyed our relationship.

We had several business ideas in mind but we ended up starting  a property management company whilst we lived overseas because there was a gap in the market.

Great business ideas in principle but what we ended up doing was choosing something that made us work to our weaknesses not our strengths and the resentment we both felt and shared turned into an absolute relationship time bomb.

It wasn't pretty or nice and I don't recommend it.

But we are here to tell the tale and have learned a lot from the experience and now don't think of it as failure at all.

In fact, all that has gone before I would now embrace as a blessing in disguise.


A word about the word failure

I hate the word and the connotation built up around it.

It is such a devastating, confidence kicking, misery inducing part of the English language

It stops people in their tracks and halts a thousand dreams.

My definition of failure back then was a bad one and I gave myself a very hard time about it, I was embarrassed, it knocked my confidence for absolutely years, and I wasted SO MUCH TIME criticising myself.

Not only that, I allowed others to criticise me too thus re-enforcing the perception of failure in my own mind.

What I didn't realise at the time was you should

Quote White Faded

Never ask for travel advice from people who have never left home

Never a truer word spoken don't you think, perhaps that might resonate with you and your situation, after all you are now older and wiser.

So, you will definitely understand why I think...

Looking back at life now through my rear-view mirror

My definition now of failure is there is no such thing.

All events along the way were a learning experience and without them I wouldn't have been able to understand retrospectively why those ventures never worked out

Nor would I be able to explain to you know how to mitigate potential problems before they even start.

Which is why I am so keen to want to share with you this simple 7 step small business ideas in any industry formula, so you can get your business ideas in any industry right the first time.

I have learned a lot from my mistakes in the past, they are serving me well in the present and will continue to do so in the future

The upshot of all this "failure" was at the time we came back from overseas, I had to go back to a regular job doing regular things because I was still missing the vital pieces of the jigsaw about how to start a business properly and instead of looking for answers I accepted my situation because it was the easiest option and I didn't know how else to change.

Remember, I thought I was a bit stupid at this point and not matching up to the success stories I found in other people’s books, the ones who made it all sound so easy.

I learned after some career training, more about that in a minute...

I simply just wasn't organising my life properly and choosing my business ideas in and around the Life First Work Secondtm principal, nor was I choosing any business ideas in line with who I was or how I like to do things

I was too busy listening to the follow your passion brigade, an ideal I no longer subscribe to fully.

There are so many, many more things to consider than just passion for something, and following it may not be the best advice for you.

Drastic change required - enter career coach training

I realised something drastic had to change after all this upset in my work and failed business attempts and feeling bad.

I needed to learn how to find what I was good at, and package it into something I could earn a living with

So I went all out to learn about me and my strengths and eventually I found a course that took all I was good at and framed it into a way I could make money with.

It was around Career Coaching, and since my crappy career has been my most challenging area in life, made complete and utter sense.

It was like a lightbulb had gone off in my head.

Why hadn't I known sooner?

When I saw the training course I jumped for joy because after all this time I felt "at home”, something I want you to feel in your business ideas in the future

After all these years of searching, it has been the most natural thing in the world for me to become a Life First, Work Second Career Coach(tm) as it allows me to help others like you think outside the job box and use my natural talent of seeing the bigger picture to connect dots between what you love to do and come up with creative income streams and business ideas in lots of areas that you may not even have thought of yet.

The Life First - Work Second approach has allowed me to understand, there is another way of looking at work and life and how the two can be successfully woven into your own successful life and business ideas in the future.

You too can do work that inspires you and motivates you and makes you want to get out bed in the morning.

Even if you are over 50!

So now I hope after reading my story...

My rubbish journey with business ideas in general could be your opportunity

If you are still on that slow boat to job hell and what I have experienced resonates even just a little bit with you, then I would like to help you to create your perfect small business idea and fit it around your life and not the other way around.

I don't want you to carry on experiencing the same miserable, soul sucking drain on your life I endured for absolutely YEARS simply because of a lack of knowledge or a helping hand from someone who has been where you are now.

More I am still developing the site, but in the meantime could I interest you in joining

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