Business idea generation tips?

When I go online to try and research a business idea, all I get are ready-made business ideas that don't suit me.

How do you suggest I go about doing things differently?

I am currently searching for small business ideas, business ideas, and business idea, creating a business idea, business idea generation, that sort of thing.

What do I mean by ready-made business ideas?

Very generic ideas such as

Dog Walking
Bicycle repair

These are what come up, they seem a bit clinical and random and to be honest a bit boring.

They don't help me search for something that is based on what I can do or think I may want to do...

Have you got any suggestions about how to go about searching

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a couple of things to think about...
by: Jackie

I am really glad you asked because this is my thing...

I am all about the business idea and fundamentally all about the right business idea for an individual.

This is the basis of the 7-Step Formula training I offer.

So, frankly, forget about searching google for business ideas and start searching yourself!

What do I mean?

I mean start by looking at who you are, and what are your strengths, and forget about your weaknesses.

Decide how you like to do things best and really look at what things in life you are interested in that are more than a hobby that should be kept as such or a passing phase.

Then put all of that information together and you will come up with the right idea without the need for google.

You can create your own self-employment, using all the gifts you were born with if you want to and skills you like using to create something unique to you.

For example

  • are you introverted or extroverted? - this has a bearing on if you might have a business with customers you physically see or communicate with or if you prefer to be online and be anonymous to a degree.
  • Do you want to work 9 to 5 or are you better at getting up at 10 am and working till midnight?
  • Do you like working alone or with a team?
  • Do you want a 4-day weekend?
  • Do you want to chase the sun or live in the mountains and ski?

do you

  • Want to work with a particular demographic?
  • Have now or have had a crisis in your life you want to help others with?
  • Want to fix a problem in life that really grips you?
  • Want to follow a particular trend?
  • Want to build your serious hobby into a business?

do you like

  • working with your hands?
  • writing?
  • baking?
  • designing?
  • speaking?
  • creating something from scratch?
  • bettering something already there?
  • using a process?
  • teaching others?
  • making people feel better?
  • and so on...

The real secret to your business idea is you, only you can do you.

There may be 10 people you know who make candles or write books or bake cakes, but you all do it differently and if you can find your unique angle, spin, niche, or whatever you want to call it, then there is no reason for you not to jump in and follow your hearts desire.

But please, no looking on Google for the answer because it is not there... I promise you...!

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