The best website builder for a business in a box & it BLOWS away the competition

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Are you looking for the best website builder for business?

...and of course the best option for the cheapest price?

A kind of "all in one box" method so you buy the box and it covers everything?

Something you can use to build your brand without blowing your mind or your budget?

Let me show you then, how I as a middle aged woman with no experience whatsoever, built my own online business from scratch using only, what I consider to be the best website builder for business on the planet.

And I am not joking or exaggerating or doing a sales number on you.

If I can do it, frankly, anyone can!

If you can read instructions and do drag & drop with the click of a mouse you can build your own website for your business from scratch.

And if you are wedded to WordPress, then this software offering has got you or your designer covered with a widget you can just drop into your site.

Let me introduce my favourite

and in my opinion, the world’s best website builder for business package for beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.

If you want to start the hard way then you could go looking for every piece of information across the internet yourself, about how to start an online business


If you want an easier route to learn how to start an online business and stay with one product that covers absolutely everything you need to start and for one price the whole way through

Ask yourself

Do you want to just build a website?


Do you want a world class online business building education using world class online business building tools?

Best Website Builder for Business? 

I believe you can benefit greatly by taking a shorter cut, based on knowledge from other solopreneurs who have gone before you when you learn how to take your business online.

I mean, why wouldn't you want to get to your destination faster?

So, if you are in a hurry to find out more about this wonderful and best website builder for business tool go straight to why I think Solo Build It is the best product in town by using  this link now and you will have access to every one of the brilliant reasons why it is also great value overall as part of your business.

You will learn EVERYTHING you need to know about how to start an online business. Nothing is missed out.

I currently don't have to look outside it for any other business building information or tools.

It is brilliant for beginners, but just as useful for more experienced business owners.

If you are a more visual person, you can watch the 


Video option:  The complete online business builder that takes you from idea to income

I believe this resource will be a game changer for you in your journey to design your PERFECT business around who you are & how you want to live your life. 

It gives you all the tools and resources you will need to start

This product is relevant to both online business building and if you want to have an offline one instead.

A web presence of some sort is a must even if you are only selling your product or service in your local area.

You may not think you need to reach a global audience but when you learn more about starting your particular small business you will no doubt see the benefit as time goes on.

The world has become a very small place since the dawn of the internet.

You may be cutting hair is the middle of Coventry but someone in Anglesey or Australia could be interested in buying your knowledge or a product or service when you post up your photographs, sell your special hairdryer or start teaching students in your salon as you video your work for YouTube

The length and breadth of the online world transcends all boundaries now.

Someone, somewhere in the world is desperately waiting for you to learn how to start your online business and share what you know or buy what you have for sale and using the best website builder for business they are going  to find you easily.

My experience as a very non techy person

of using this brilliant, and absolute best website builder for business has been nothing short of a miracle.

Trust me when I say, I am not tech savvy.

I wanted to share my career coaching knowledge but I knew nothing about how to start an online business, or anything to do with building a web site, search engine optimisation, or the whole process of going online.

I approached it all with fear and trepidation and the perceived cost of starting and having to engage a professional really had me in a bit of a state.

All that SEO stuff, the social media learning curve and having to do it on a very small budget.

So, I did an awful lot of research, tried quite a lot stuff on my own that didn't cost any money like

  • Blogger
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • and WordPress (the no cost version) but I soon realised, ridiculous as it may sound, 

there is a price to pay for free and the price is wasted time!


Lots of it!

So much time, looking for all the information you need, and money needed when you realise you cannot necessarily actually do it yourself. 

I did even have a go with Typepad for a while, which I liked for ease of use, and it came with a bit of a varying technical help-desk offering because you had a varying cost model but no business building advice.

To cut a long story very short, after a lot of trial and error, I came across what I consider to be the best website builder for business in the world.

It is a full online business building package and I could build it all myself, so that really kept the cost of start-up right down.

And when I say a full business package, I mean a complete suite of tools & processes, business education, social media stuff,  webinars & forum help all included (Click this link for a full list)

There is so much in it I don't have the room to write about it all, but if you click the link you will see the value of the complete package.

Be prepared to be blown away with what is available to help you!

But please don't take my word for it.

I absolutely insist you to go and have try to get going online with one of the free programmes like blogger or the no cost version of WordPress and see how you get on

There is no substitute at all for hands on experience with other packages.

The problem is...

You probably don't know what you don't know, so how do you know if what you are doing is right?

I know because I have tried them all thinking I was saving money and being savvy.

I wasn't!

I got a bit fed up in the end with people all over the internet, spouting, "now just build a website in 20 minutes" because it wasn't working for me and I felt abject failure.

In fact, to be honest, I feel angry because I wasted so much valuable time I will never, ever get back!

And I was stupid enough to believe all the hype you see everywhere.

The problem with free is there is no value to it whatsoever 


All the well-known names website builders above, absolutely, can help you produce a website in some form, shape or fashion at no cost BUT there are:

  • No really decent support functions, no forums to ask questions with real people answering quickly
  • No decent guide to what steps you should be taking and in what order
  • Nothing useful really to shortcut all your training if you are a beginner
  • Pretty much you have to trawl the web to find out every piece of information or pay someone who knows more than you
  • Very little is mentioned about security and how to protect your business from hackers looking to exploit weaknesses
  • No one explains in detail how to track your visitors or how to find out who is visiting your website

In fact, no business building education at all!


Wouldn't it be better to be able to do it yourself if you want to under one umbrella, particularly as funds are often short in the early stages of creating your own business?

All of these reasons and more below are why I think SBI is the best website builder for business.

It offers you a

10 day process to follow with logical steps and a bible to follow or Action Guide as it is known.

It's your very own business in a box

You go from zero to hero in 10 steps, and at your own pace, without having to go anywhere else on the web for your information, and the forum help offered is absolutely world class.

And you may be surprised to learn you never pick your domain name until step 5, and the reasons are obvious once you start on your journey.

Social media training is included, marketing advice, webinars, hosting, domain name, website security and an awful lot more.

One of the most fun parts is the brainstormer tool to help you find your best business idea and your best positioning of your product in your industry.

You find out just exactly what it is people are looking for and in detail, not what you think they are looking for online and with a broad brush.

You are not just building a website you are actually building a business here.

A crucial point to remember in the land of low cost/no cost!

All for the bargain price of about £20.00/$20.00 per month or less if you pay in one go, or close to that in your own currency, and it is even cheaper if you use WordPress.

You get 90 days to trial it for free to see if you like it, if not just say so, and you don't have to pay anything at all.

Nowhere else on the internet offers a business building system system like this with this level of extensive help on tap 24/7


But I Prefer WordPress I hear you say!

No problem, I get it, a lot of people love it and will not be prised away from it.

And rightly so, why change what you know works for you?

Well, the good news is you can use SBI with WordPress

WordPress lovers can get it even cheaper here, you  purchase the widget to drop in your current site or the one you will start and away you go.

You get all the bells and whistles included so  you could be up and running your own successful online business in a very short time.

Go on, give it a trial run, you have got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

There is so much more to it than just putting up a website in 20 minutes, believe me.


Don't just take my word for it though...

Here are 52 other people who want to share their experiences, so have a look at what they achieved.

Click on the links to their sites and see what a diverse, cross section of small business ideas they have come up in pursuit of a new career for themselves.

If they can learn how to start online business, then so can you.

Now for some frequently asked questions

Best website builder for business Q & A

  • Why do I need a website anyway?

This is the most important question anyone can ask me because I can hear you all saying

"but I have my business on Facebook" or " I have an etsy shop" or I sell via eBay"

That is great and well done you, BUT the biggest, most important reason to have a website is


Why is that important?


  • you have no idea where your traffic comes from on those platforms or who is visiting
  • if they change their algorithms or you fall foul of "their rules" you can be gone off line in a heartbeat.
  • with a website, you own & control everything
  • with SBI, you seek out the traffic you are looking for and sell your product or service to the people who are actually looking for what you have on offer
  • if you choose the right profitable keywords you will not have to pay for people to find you. they will arrive organically & naturally to your online space

If you use other platforms, you are basically "shouting out to the wind" and are hoping someone will hear you.

Just have a think about, because once again, something for free at the beginning will cost you at the end.

And really, why work that hard to find your client/customer when you can have a map that points you in the right direction first time round.

Your website, built properly will direct your customers easily to your offering instead hoping they will find you.

Which would you rather have, a slog uphill with no map or help at all or a route map where you can't get lost?

  • What if I have a web designer already?

No problem, you can give this programme to the person who designs your website and they can build it from scratch within the package.

You can upload your own HTML with it, your website designer will know that means

You can still use WordPress if you prefer, you just purchase a widget for the software and insert as normal.

  • I am not sure it will suit my learning style

No problem, you can learn how to start online business using the action guide as a document you can read, you can learn using the video version of it and there is also an audio version so you can learn, how you want, when you want using any method you want.

How does that sound? All bases covered there; I think!

  • Can I look inside the product?

You can have a look at the heart of the Brainstorming Tool.

The video below shows you how to start online business with this software...

  • choose your topic/niche/business idea
  • investigate if there is demand for it
  • find out about any competition you will be facing
  • tell you if you are likely to be successful on the search engines with it

The test topic chosen is  for a gift idea but you would use your own topic keywords, say Cake Decorating or  Business Marketing, Candles, Coaching, even Cement, whatever your business is going to be about.

You can then, work through the process testing and refining until you come up with a complete blueprint for your topic.

But at least you will learn how to start online business knowing what to write about on your website because you know what everyone is searching for rather than guessing.

This is why Solo Build It is called the best website builder for business and not just a website builder

  • I want to see proof of people using it

To be honest, I am glad you do want proof so here is a link to a page with some successful users.

These people learned successfully how to start an online business using this brilliant software.

  • Can I ask you a question about Solo Build It?

Of course you can, use the contact me form,  but I may direct you to SBI if more appropriate for your question.

They do have a comprehensive Q & A section if you would like specific answers.

  • What is YOUR favourite part about it?

All of it, but, I particularly love the fact there is very well attended forum where you can get answers to absolutely anything plus the support team are available 24 hours per day.

And I love brainstormer tool where you can find out what people are actually searching for on the web in your business area as opposed to what you think they are searching for.. that is very cool.

Total time saver.