Being your own boss means a lot of thinking differently...

Being your own boss means what to you...exactly

Does it mean you are ready for change? 

Are you are thinking about it, day and night and you can't think about anything else and your day job is killing you.

Does it mean you are deadly serious about getting up off your sofa and finally getting to the starting line and deadly serious about changing your career to self employment either full or part time?

Does it mean excitement at the prospect of telling your boss where to go because you have had enough?

Or any variation on that theme?

Being Your Own Boss Means

I hope so, but I do know thinking about being your own boss means you might also be stuck in a cycle of fear mixed in with all the positive stuff.

Fear, because of the 100 insane reasons you conjure up in the middle of the night to stop yourself.

Whatever you are feeling, I know you can benefit from this section of the website, because I know what it is you are thinking and feeling, and I know there are answers that can help you get past some of the downs you will inevitably feel along the way.

Even if you think you have it all covered, and your positive vibes are just melting the pavement, I will put money down and bet there will be one or two things you will say to yourself

“oh yes, I am definitely caught up in feeling a bit of that!”


Because within your 100 insane reasons not to do something, there are very real areas you can trip up on and fall into the self-sabotage ditch.

Being your own boss means the trip hazards will pop up, sometimes before you are even out of your pajamas, or, before you even put pen to paper and create your action plan to start your train on the track towards working for yourself.

I want to see off those pesky fears by addressing them head on at the ticket office and give you some help, so you don’t halt the train before it has time to leave the station.

So let me share with you

7 useful tips before you even open a notebook

Tip 1 is about your mindset to make sure you don’t sabotage your chances of success at being your own boss. Nothing else can make you fall on your backside quite as quickly as the wrong mindset. Control your thoughts and you control your world.

Tip 2 is the topic of gratitude, something I thought was absolute nonsense when I used to read about it, but it really plays a powerful part of the process. If you aren’t grateful for what you have already, you can’t appreciate what you will have in the future, properly.

Tip 3 is all about resistance, an unconscious action can completely derail the train on the tracks, being your own boss means you have to overcome this one really quickly and monitor it like a hawk.

Tip 4 is about finding your strengths. So crucial in the early stages because otherwise how can you know properly how you will best do business. How do you know you are on the right train to your destination.

Tip 5 is about finding your life purpose. This will help you clarify you are on the right track. This goes really hand in hand with your strengths and you can’t understand one without the other. Right train, right track, right destination.

Tip 6 is all about procrastination, something we all encounter and hand in hand with resistance will blow a big hole in your being your own boss action plan.

Tip 7 is all about business motivation, because I guarantee in your early stages you will encounter a dip here and there and it is so easy just to give up at this point.


Being Your Own Boss Means 11 More Tips

Once you have mastered mindset to motivation, there are at least a further 11 things I believe you need to consider before anything else.

Being your own boss either full time or part time is a serious business and the more you get right at the beginning, the easier your life will be, I promise you!

Quote Mark White

More preparation before the journey leads to less wrong turns

I wasted so much time sitting on that train and going nowhere because I was frightened of making a mistake.

I just didn’t move at all, I read and researched forever but never took any action

I was frightened because, retrospectively I can see where I fell into the self-sabotage ditch with at least 5 of the issues.

I had all those thoughts about not being good enough and who am I to tell anyone anything but realised after many false starts and a bit of training, I was good enough and I do have something to say that will benefit a little corner of the world, benefit people like you.

I want to help you discover the joy of what being your own boss means, joys such as...

Being your own boss also means you get to

  • work in more creative ways and get paid for it
  • Use the gifts you were given and want to use
  • Be more of yourself at work
  • Live a life on your own terms
  • Pick your own hours
  • Find clarity around a purpose or passion
  • Have more joy in life and work
  • The world being a better place because you are doing you

As my career coach trainer Dr Valerie Young remarked in her bestselling book

The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women

Quote Mark White

everyone loses when bright people play small

Please don’t you be the one to play small because, as I say over and over again to self employment beginners just like you

Never mind about what age or stage you are at.

YOU have a lot to share with others who want what you have

I just want to offer you a map, give you a torch to light the way and you just need to be brave enough to take just the first steps to being your own boss because, you, yes you, can really do it!

Being your own boss means you get to be, do and have everything you ever wanted in life but were too scared to go for.

Oh, and if you want to ask a question

You can here, I am developing a little forum, so please ask whatever you like, no question is too small or too silly.

We all need a little help here and there, we don't know all the answers and being your own boss means you really have to go on a learning curve.

So reach out and ask, and at the same time you will be helping others who have probably got the same question but are too frightened to ask.

I look forward to hearing from you :)

Lightbulb Master