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You're in the right place for the magic small business ideas formula

Learn today how to use a simple 7 step process to come up with the right product or service to fit you & find the right people who want what you have to offer, anytime you want to & the 7 steps are simply

  • Know what you want
  • Know what you have
  • Know how to turn what you know & have into income
  • Know who wants what you have got
  • Know how you turn your ideas into action
  • Know how to work around the obstacles to your success
  • Know how to get support for your small business ideas journey

Now tell me, is this you?

Are you an employee?

Do you find yourself at least once a day silently screaming into the stationery cupboard because you are so sick of your job?

The work, the hours, the customers, your colleagues, the rules, that really irritating team leader or pain in the backside manager who has no idea about the real world, in your eyes. 

Or the fact your lunch hour is a lunch 10 minutes because you just can't get away from your desk for a break?

Even if you are now working from home these days?

Is it some or all the above?

Are you truly sick of the 9 - 5 commute, or being stuck in your box room wondering if your boss is watching you watch Netflix,  the long hours, zero praise and all for what you know is a rubbish salary and you know you could do better with self employment, even part time.

Have you had a significant change in your life?

Are you facing redundancy rather unexpectedly or lucky enough to have chosen to take it because it is on offer?

Perhaps you have retired from a conventional job, left a uniformed service or maybe now an expat looking for something else to challenge and excite you for the next (some say the best) part of your life?

Has something big changed in your life such as the kids leaving home, or perhaps, very sadly you have lost your partner, or you are now having to look after an elderly parent?

Have you just simply decided now is the time you are going to actually get on with that thing you always wanted to do for the last however many years? 

Are you still wondering what you are going to do with your life?

If so...

  • Are you stuck in the process of looking for that one great business idea, or?
  • Have you had your idea rolling around your mind but a bit frightened to press the go button?

Whatever your reason, I am so glad you are here because I just love the fact you are even contemplating a different kind of life for yourself because it is all possible

Never mind about what age or stage you are at

You have a lot to share with others and can make a decent income with it.

 You just need a map, someone to light the way and for you to be brave enough take just the first steps and finally

Get paid to be yourself!

I want to help you because

I have spent my entire working life in a regular average paid job but dabbled several times in starting small business ideas on the side, over the years because I wanted to get out of working for someone else, probably just like you.

And what I mean by dabbling is I tried 10 online small business ideas including this one, and 1 real world business attempt.

Some were passion based and the others were "it seemed like a good practical idea at the time" ideas.

My original efforts all failed miserably and totally turned me off the very mention of "small business ideas" for a very long time because I thought I was a failure.

I didn't match up at all or relate to any of the people I saw on Dragon's Den or read about in other people's success books.

In fact, the real world offline business nearly destroyed my significant relationship because it was "the practical choice!"

It all seemed too hard, and I thought I must be stupid...

...but I wasn't and then the penny dropped as I realised after learning about the formula I am going to share with you...

I had gone about it entirely the wrong way around & you probably are too

My criteria for choosing each of the small business ideas had been

  • Practical reasons but completely wrong for my lifestyle
  • Passion & interest but completely wrong for my personality

And both methods led to absolute disaster for me because 

"Follow your passion" is not necessarily the best advice for everyone as you can fall out of love with your passion.

A love of something could very easily turn to hate when you start to do it in exchange for money and, 

"Being practical" is like wearing sensible shoes.

You know they will do the job but deep down you want to break out and wear diamante flip flops because they fit your personality better.

But don't get me wrong "passion for business" is essential and I use it throughout in that context.

Now with all of that said, perhaps you can understand why I want help you to shortcut all this misery?  

I want to share the simple 7 step small business ideas formula I learned so you can benefit from all my stupid and most basic mistakes

And take the easier route 

I didn't know there was a simpler way to get it right first time without all the messing about, hoping for the best, all the wasted time and money, 

especially the money!

and of course, the stress involved too.

Most of all, I didn't know you could design any number of small business ideas you want around using a simple formula to 

  • Create what sort of life you want
  • Use the gifts and talents you already possess and love to use
  • Use a goldilocks type formula to create just the right business idea
  • Find the perfect marketplace for your specific product or services
  • Help you take the first crucial steps forward in your marketplace
  • Learn to overcome challenges & obstacles in your way
  • Learn where to find the right people to help you with your business

So, what about you?

Does this sound like something that could help you move forward at last?

Is now the right time for any of your small business ideas to see the light of day?

Are you ready to finally change your life instead of just moaning about it?

I would love you to get on board with the formula straight away, because I know it can really shortcut your learning curve, but, as we don't really know each other properly yet, I thought you might want to just dip your toe in the water with me first and I suggest you start here and read a bit about what I call pre-business thinking.

Stuff I believe to be really important before you even put pen to paper or begin the business idea generator process,


as this site grows I am going to share with you stuff I think would be really helpful as you navigate through the valley of small business ideas, stuff that has been extremely helpful to me personally and to others I have helped along the way.

Examples you will find in the upcoming months...

Make sure you bookmark the site and come back regularly to see what is new or better still keep in touch via the newsletter, subscribe below and get your complimentary copy of my 111 Self Coaching Questions Workbook as a thank you from me for joining me

Business Ideas Lightbulb Image

I have to ask though, is this journey towards your small business ideas definitely for you?

Because frankly, this journey is not for everyone.

It won't be for you if you don't believe it is possible because the very first thing you need is faith in yourself.

You are not too old, too uneducated, too late, or too anything with a negative attached to it

All your obstacles can be overcome very easily if you are prepared to put in some effort

It won't be for you if you are afraid to try something new because you cannot be brilliant just inside your own head, you must move off the sofa and create some action to accompany all of your small business ideas thinking!

  • It won't be for you if you think work must be hard, if you enjoy what you do then it's not work really.
  • It won't be for you if you don't put the work in because you can't change the world whilst watching TV.
  • It won't be for you if you will only take conventional advice because the old ways no longer work in our modern world.

But worry not because the good new is...

It has never been more technologically favourable to come up with a simple business idea on a Saturday and start implementing it by Monday morning, so what is stopping you?

It is finally time to get going!

Start giving life to all those small business ideas rolling around in your head today

By using this ingenious little small business ideas formula you will quickly learn how to, 

  • Clarify more about what you want and how you want to live your life
  • Seek out what you already have in terms of personal skills and assets
  • Look for opportunities from what is staring you in the face
  • Decide what form your business will take

And all based around who you are and how you want to live your life

Instead of just looking at what you are good at, we are going to explore

  • How your business idea should fit in with your lifestyle and not the other way round
  • How your unseen traits could be monetised
  • Where to look for monetisation opportunities
  • What your monetisation options can look like

Even if you have a potential business idea already

Don't be fooled by it's simplicity and think that it is just for beginners who have no idea what they want to do and are looking to come up with an idea from scratch.

This powerful little formula can help more than you might imagine

It can help you refine and clarify the business idea you already have, to fit you more authentically or even just to come up with some brilliant new monetisation options you may not have thought of.

This can be helpful to you and your future because, this is something I wholeheartedly believe in and have trained to become a

how to generate business ideas

The minute you begin to do what you really want to do, it's really a different kind of life

Buckminster Fuller